Cat Tip of the Day: How to Deal With a Lazy Cat

cat toys on a string

If you have a job and you come home from work exhausted, you obviously aren’t getting out that mouse-looking stuffed animal on a string.  You want to wind down, eat, think about life, and possibly watch television.  That sounds like a normal routine, right?  Once you are in that mood where you want to be lazy, there is no playing games with little Pepper who is watching you from the other corner of the couch.  One way to fix your cats laziness is to prevent your from even starting.  It’s very hard to work all day and not be lazy and then come home and not be lazy.  Unfortunately, your lazy cat needs more help than you do.  As soon as you get home you should find your lazy cat and lure them into your 15 minutes of fun with a treat.  Have a few toys ready to go that will help them get a lot of cardio exercise.  The sticks that the sell with the strings and feathers on the end of them usually make for a nice jumping session.  If your lazy cat has gained so much weight they can’t jump, try sweeping the feathers across the floor and make them move back and forth to try and catch it.

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