Iguana and Cat Fight Over Love Interest and It’s Hilarious

cat and iguana

Some people have no self-esteem or confidence. This iguana is one of them. I mean, if I were to lose my mind every time a woman or a man tried to hit on my husband, I’d never get anything accomplished. He’s handsome and he’s kind, and that’s one of those combinations you just cannot help but fall madly in love with. This iguana apparently has found love of his own in a stuffed lizard that really does bring out the best in him. He loves the idea that this lizard is his own special friend. Of course, we don’t blame him. I mean, it’s not a talker, it doesn’t complain and it probably lets him watch whatever he wants on television.

But, this iguana is a jealous one. When the stuffed lizard catches the eye of the resident cat, the iguana is not pleased with this turn of events. When the cat tries to play with the stuffed animal, the iguana is beside himself. He cannot even stand the thought that someone else might love his animal as much as he does. The owners of these two animals and this apparent stuffed animal have to understand that this is hilarious since they did get the camera and film it for all of us to watch. It’s too funny, and we have to say we are dying of laughter over here. Take a look at this video, and especially the cat’s face when the other animal loses it. It’s too funny for words.


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