Internet Says This May be the Fluffiest and Cutest Ticklish Persian Kitten in the World


We’re having a very tough time arguing the internet’s claim that this Persian kitty is the fluffiest and possibly cutest kitten in the world right now.  It’s been a little less than a week since this video has been posted and the fact that we’re only looking at around 8,000 views is a complete injustice to this adorable animal.   Then again, we just have to give it time.

While this doesn’t happen all the time, in fact only when the kittens are feeling particularly comfy and playful, this cutie was caught reacting on video the first time. Have you ever tried to tickle your cat and gotten a reaction as priceless as this one?  If so you’ve got to share the story with us.   In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this amazing clip!

Image via Youtube

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