Introducing the Cat Mario Show

cat mario

Since 1985, the Super Mario Bros. have been a staple in every household that kept up with pop culture. From their trademark video games to movies to various merchandise, those mustached Italian plumbing brothers have skyrocketed to icon status. It’s probably been a while since you’ve played a Mario Bros. video game, but the new aspects of Super Mario 3D World just might entice you to pick up a game console: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and the gang all become cats! Nintendo also launched a new video series with Cat Mario and Cat Peach entitled The Cat Mario Show.

The Cat Mario Show is a free video series that shows the characters as puppets and features tips and tricks for the brand new game. The show is targeted at the Mario Bros.’ younger fans who probably aren’t as familiar with the characters or their history. The show’s first episode has Cat Mario and Cat Peach showing and revealing secrets of Super Mario 3D World well as strategies for its fellow game Kirby Triple Deluxe. There are plans to release more Cat Mario episodes in the future in order to help younger fans at being better players for their games.

The first episode is currently available on the Wii U and 3DS European eShop. While it’s only available in Europe at the moment, North America – as well as other countries and territories – shouldn’t be too far off in the distant future and will most likely happen very soon. Fear not, Cat Mario fans and potential fans!

Photo Source: IGN


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