Is Cat Culture Going too Far?


It’s no surprise that cats have taken the internet by storm over the last few years.  However, there are those that argue it’s going too far.   With the impending release of Grumpy Cat:  The Grumpy Book which will essentially be a hodge podge of pictures of Grumpy Cat in various places around the house, critics are saying the fine culture of books is being tainted.

Not only that, they are saying that people place too much importance on cats.   As of last week folks were actually hosting Grumpy Cat book release parties and posting their pictures on Twitter.  As a website that caters to the cat community part of us has to agree that the cat phenomenon online is pretty widespread and there are definitely those folks that take it too far.

However, it’s better than going out there and committing heinous crimes.  Better to loves cats than to hate everything else.   However, if you’re on the fence you might want to read an article from The Atlantic Wire.

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