Is Roku The Next Big Internet Cat Sensation?


Internet fame doesn’t necessarily come easy for cats but it seems that every month now a new candidate for celebrity status comes up.   Our newest candidate?  Roku.  Roku is an adorable Scottish Fold cat who does in fact have ears.  But the ears are folded back like many Scottish Folds.   Roku’s tagline is this: “I have aerodynamic ears and silver fur. I eat rainbows and poop butterflies.” We’re not 100% sure what that means but we do know this.

Roku’s instagram account now has nearly 140,000 followers.  And just recently Roku was featured on Buzzfeed.   In the link we’ve provided you’ll see a piece they did on 26 reasons why Roku should be your new favorite cat.   All of the pictures are hilarious and cute so we suggest you have a look.

Is Roku on your radar now?  We’re not sure if Roku will have the fame of a Grumpy Cat but it’s quite possible with the right marketing and funny videos.  Only time will tell but Roku sure is a cutie!

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