It Looks like This Kitten is Conducting an Orchestra in His Dreams


It’s a well-known fact that cats are quite the talented creatures. Those of us who own cats can attest that many of our felines are talented in a variety of ways – from multitasking to having incredible eye coordination to impressive climbing sills. Some even seem to have mind-reading abilities! Then there are those cats with musical talents; whether it is as a musician or a… musical conductor? While it may not be too common, one little feline is such an innate musical conductor that it can conduct an orchestra in its sleep… literally! In an impressive cat video, a cat named Oxford is seen asleep and has the ability in conducting an orchestra with just the flick of its tail and paw, complete with its eyes closed. How incredible is that?!

In the video below, you can see the adorable kitten sound asleep on its back. Classical music is playing very appropriately in the background, and while asleep, the feline’s tail is starting to flick, going along with the music. If that looked a little peculiar, it just got a whole lot more suspect when the cat’s front right paw started to flick, as if it were itching to go along with the music. One can only wonder what the sleepy little kitty was dreaming about – most signs point to that the super-cute kitten was dreaming about being an orchestra conductor. It could be right, too; after all, we all know that cats also dream in some capacity and who’s to say they don’t dream like humans do? This musically-inclined kitty is also so intriguing to watch over and over again, as the sight of it conducting while asleep is something truly amazing. When I dream, it never involves me doing anything remotely chic than conducting an orchestra – too funny!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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