Jackson Has a Remarkable Rescue Story


Jackson started his life the hard way: someone superglued him to a building where he struggled to get free all night – when the ‘valet boys’ came in that morning, they didn’t know quite what to do…..so they did the ole 1 2 3 and pried him off the building. Hurt, bleeding and afraid – he ran off! When we found him that morning – laying by my car, (I’m a magnet) instant LOVE. Having 3 already, we opted to go to the Humane Society , paid our $$$$ to drop him off.

My daughter wanted to go to the ‘cat room’ for a visit .OK! So so many beautiful, sweet and unwanted cats…..Again, opted to take our new boy home with us no matter how upset my husband would get!! He is the most loving and grateful cat and could not even imagine our lives without him. 7 years later and he’s Hubby’s Red Tabby boy. Its always good to try to do the right thing for others – even if they have fur and 4 legs!!

Thanks to Eileen Alford for this great story!

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