Jogger Rescues Drowning Tabby Cat in Carrier


Thanks to the kindness of an alert and kindhearted jogger, a New York tabby cat has another chance at life after being purposefully thrown into a river and left to die. Matthew Guidarelli was out jogging over the bridge on the Normans Kill 45-mile-long creek when he thought he heard a baby crying. Stopping to listen, he then spotted a pet carrier sinking in the creek and immediately jumped off the bridge and into the water. As Guidarelli grabbed the crate, he found it to be unusually heavy and not only found a large tabby cat in it as well as a heavy rock. It was obvious that whoever deserted the drowning tabby cat also wanted to make sure that the cat wouldn’t surface or survive.

Unfortunately, New York police are very doubtful that they’ll find the perpetrator who dumped the poor kitty. But there might be one possible clue in helping authorities find them: the carrier the cat was dumped in has a neon pink sticker that appears to have come from a veterinary clinic. They are hoping someone recognizes the large tabby and/or the sticker to help in identifying the kitty’s former guardian.

Currently, the tabby was given the name Chance and has found new loving owners, who say he’s a delight to be around. They’ve only had him for a mere few days, but they just can’t get enough of the adorable tabby cat. His new parents reveal that the feline loves to roll around on his back as well as loves to be brushed – hopefully not at the same time!

Photo Source: The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund Facebook Page


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