Jon Hamm Shares His Love of Cats on Comedy Central


It’s no secret that cats are awesome and incredible creatures. In fact, so many people love and adore our furry feline friends: the Internet, us cat owners and even celebrities have outright shared their love and admiration of cats! Many celebs are cat owners themselves and have made it quite known to their fans and the public. While they don’t take their cats out on walks or flaunt them in public like celebrity dog lovers often do, celeb cat lovers are out there and are really passionate about their felines. One such celeb cat lover that may come as a shock and surprise to most is Mad Men actor, Jon Hamm. He may seem very suave and macho, but when it comes to cats, he’s about as mushy – and feline passionate – as they come! In a cat video clip from his stint on Comedy Central, Hamm exclaims for everyone to witness, “I love cats!” He also says, “Dogs may be man’s best friend, but cats are clearly man’s best snuggle buddy” – how can you not love the man after that statement?!

In the video below, Jon Hamm shows off his love of felines on Comedy Central, beginning with donning a spirited sweatshirt that says “Live in the Meow” with a picture of a cat wearing aviator sunglasses, looking as cool as a cucumber. Hamm exclaims his love of the Internet, solely because it’s the site of all the wonderful cats out there, like cats with canes, angry cats, and cats with 401Ks. He even shouts out to various celeb cats out there, including our favorite Grumpy Cat. In the clip, Hamm hosts a game segment called “Rapid Refresh” with the three comedian contestants, asking them to choose which of the three choices of Tumblr bodega cats got the most notes. If there’s one thing we regret, it’s that we didn’t get to witness this in person!

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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