Justin Bieber’s Cat Tuts Gets Her Own Twitter Account


Cats who are owned by celebrities are nothing new to the world of Hollywood.   And it’s become commonplace for these felines to have their own social media pages.  The latest cat to have her own burgeoning social media presence is none other than Tuts the cat, owned by singer Justin Bieber.

That’s why Tuts has her own Twitter account: @mrsgarfieldx. It’s unverified (#notswaggy), but appears to be a great source of insider information on Bieber (“justin smells so good”). Does your cat think you smell so good? Didn’t think so.

Tuts’ account follows Justin Bieber (duh), Jazmyn Bieber and Jaxon Bieber, a broad spectrum of Lils, including Lil Za and Lil Twist, someone named @swaggy and Pattie Mallette (Justin’s mother, Tuts grandmother). “Yes, Justin Bieber is my owner. I have many other great qualities besides being his pet haha! No really,” Tuts profile reads, a spoof of Pattie’s own bio (swap out owner for son).

The account is already closing in on 4000 followers in just over a day!

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