The Karate Kat is a Very Interesting Work of Art

Karate Kat

When it comes to art, there are many different styles of expression.  Many who are painters have their own style that is unlike no one else.  This signature style is what helps them set their sleeves apart from the rest of the world.  Having a certain look also is a great way to get noticed by those in the art community and beyond.

This is certainly true for the man who produced these two fine works of art.  Many of Ray Young Chu’s artwork consists of paintings that have animals in them.  But he is particularly known for his feline paintings.  Many of his paintings and drawings depict cats in a human role.  As you can see in these works, the cats take on a Zen like feel.

Karate Kat 2

This spoof on the popular 1980’s film ‘The Karate Kid’ depict a cat in place of the child actor.  This piece is very interesting, and for those of you who grew up in the 1980’s will agree that it brings back many fond childhood memories.  I for one would love to have this piece of artwork hanging in my living room.

These cats tell a story and his color choices really make this work of art standout.  I wonder how much time he put into creating these masterpieces. I am sure that he put a lot of thought into making these.  His attention to detail really does show when it comes to these very cool karate cats.

So if you are a cat lover, you should really check out Ray Young Chu’s work.  I am sure you will find something that he has produced that you will like.  He has a large variety of different cat pictures, drawings and paintings that depict cats in human roles.  From truck drivers to cats playing piano there is something for everyone.  He also has other amazing artwork depicting other animals and people as well.  If you are a fan of the 80’s, you will probably find that most of his work is inspired by that decade.  So make sure to check out the other things that this amazing artists has done.

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