The Katio is a Litter Box That Fits in the Window Kind of Like an Air Conditioner


Most of our cat’s litter boxes are often found in the bathroom or in a room that people don’t frequent often – and sometimes, they don’t even have any windows in the room for our beloved cats to look outside of when they are doing their business. After all, most people don’t want their kitty’s litter box in the line of sight – and smell – of others, especially if they have company over. However, that cannot be too fun for our felines; enter the Katio. If you haven’t heard the news about the Katio, it is a great new litter box product that should make both felines and their owners happy!

It’s a unique invention that places a kitty’s litter box in a window sill, much like an air condition unit does. With its unique design, it allows a cat to be able to look outside (as cats often love to do) as well as go about its business, all the while remaining relatively unseen but still cat-accessible. It provides a safe outdoor patio for your indoor kitty to go, and since it’s outside, it also gives the odors a chance to stay outside, rather than linger, stifled in a room. We often ask ourselves and each other where the best place to put the litter box, and this invention answers that question. It’s an incredible space saver, which is perfect for those families with limited space, such as cramped apartments or other living situations. Not only is it a great thing for your feline, it also saves you some aches and pains, as you don’t have to keep bending over anymore to clean out the litter box. With the Katio, the litter box comes off of the floor and puts it over to the window, making it so much more easy for pet owners with disabilities and elderly pet owners who can’t easily bend or who have physical ailments.

Where can you get this amazing invention? At the moment, the creators of the Katio (who also have a  similar product for dogs, called Dogio) are looking to raise funds through Kickstarter in order to get the units produced. If you pre-order the units, you will get a discount on them from the creators as a current special.

(Photo Source: Katio)

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