Grumpy Cat’s Rise to Fame: Is Too Much Enough?

grumpy cat

Tardar Sauce is his name, and being grumpy is her game. The cat known as Grumpy Cat is actually a sweet kitten that lives with her owner and has made it famous by looking perpetually angry with the world. Grumpy Cat is not, in fact, grumpy. Of course, she probably has days she feels grumpy now that she’s a media darling and the paparazzi is always trying to capture a photo of her, but her grumpy look is actually the result of feline dwarfism. She has her ‘uncle’ to thank for her insane fame, as it was a post to his Reddit account that caused this adorable little cat to become so famous in a matter of what seemed like overnight. She is actually a mixed breed cat who suffers from feline dwarfism, which is a genetic condition that causes her face to stop growing at a certain size. Her mother is a calico cat, but her owners are not entirely sure who her father might be or what kind of cat he might be.

It was late September 2012 when a photo of Grumpy Cat went viral after the cat’s owner’s brother posted a photo of the cat with a hilarious caption online. From there, people began taking the photo and creating their own Grumpy Cat memes and making this feline one of the most famous in the world. It’s been quite a hectic journey for this cat, which has what seems like hundreds of hilarious memes floating around the internet. It’s not hard to find a Grumpy Cat meme that can be used to describe how you might feel on any particular day. There are holiday memes, trending memes, joke memes and everything in between memes.

Those memes went crazy on sites such as Facebook and Pinterest, causing millions of articles to be written about Grumpy Cat, and even causing the cat to have 7 million followers and likes on its official Facebook page. And that just took things a bit farther, as the cat is now a movie star. The Grumpy Cat movie premiered Thanksgiving weekend on the Lifetime Network. The movie is scripted around the cat, which is having the worst Christmas ever (which is also the name of the movie) and it was received by fans of Grumpy Cat who were dying to see the animal in her movie debut.

Grumpy Cat Merchandise

Since the rise of the fame of Grumpy Cat, her owners have left their jobs and now manage the cat’s schedule. She has her own manager, and she’s been trademarked so that merchandise with her face can be sold at a profit. The owners of the cat have said that they are making in the low 6 figures now that they have seen the fame of the cat go viral, and that includes just the sale of her merchandise and her web presence. She also has appearances on television shows, with her sponsor (Southwest Airlines) and with agencies that want people to meet and greet the cat. Despite all of this, however, her owners say that she is actually one of the most laid-back and happiest cats around.

More than most of the time, Grumpy Cat gets to lead a normal life. This is something that many critics fail to believe given the media exposure of this adorable animal. However, her owners say that she is only available for photo opportunities and public appearances once a week and people are not allowed to handle the cat when she is out. They like to keep her grounded, and that means not exposing to her the prying hands of millions of her adoring fans.

When is Enough, Enough?

Critics and animal activists have stood up to stop the abuse of this animal, but it appears that there is no abuse going on. Her owners say that she is not a cat who is being mistreated, she is never sedated at appearances and she loves to travel, despite the fact critics say she should not be traveling so often. It turns out that she’s a cat who loves to be placed in her carrier. Her owners say that when it is time for her to travel and they put her carrier down, she happily climbs into the carrier herself.

Activists are appalled at the thought that this cat’s family is making money off of her face by allowing the world to make fun of her face calling her grumpy. However, her owner does not care. She is making a lot of money to produce Grumpy Cat stuffed animals, memes and appearances, and that’s just fine for a woman who previously waited tables at Red Lobster.

People Love Grumpy Cat Quotes

Anyone who uses the internet is at least a little familiar with Grumpy Cat quotes. In fact, it’s not all that uncommon to hear someone use one in their daily life. Some of the most famous Grumpy Cat quotes include the one in which the cat makes fun of State Farm, “Like a good neighbor, stay over there,” and the one in which the cat memes, “I don’t like morning people…or mornings. Or people.” The quotes that are given to this cat are, admittedly, pretty funny. Perhaps it’s wrong to capitalize on an animal, but we have to ask ourselves if this cat’s rise to fame at such a young age is as bad as a child’s rise to fame at such a young age. We see so many child actors lose it as they grow older, having meltdowns and breakdowns and requiring a lot of medical help to help; will a cat have the same problems? The answer is probably not. And for that reason, we support this cat’s rise to fame seeing as how his owners are clearly limiting face time with the public and not really doing anything that – at the moment – seems out of sorts for the owners of a cat. Here’s to enjoying our morning Grumpy Cat quotes or memes for the time being and appreciating this sweet cat for providing us with a laugh.

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