Kiki: Skin and Bones, Taken in, Cared For and Now Doing Great


We love stories like this.  This is the amazing tale of Kiki brought to us by Kate Craw

Kiki was 2 weeks old when I got her. A friend of mine found her next to her dead mother. She didn’t know what to do with her so I offered to take her in. She was skin and bones, matted fur, and shivering when She brought her to me. She tried to feed this little baby dry food and left that box with me. I already had a kitten setup ready for her. Including all the formula she would need. At first I didnt know how she would do. She was only 1.8 pounds at 6 weeks. The vets thought she was still 3 or 4 weeks old. The only issue she ever had was ear mites. She was able to get spaied at 4 months weighin 2.3 pounds. She is now 13 months and chubby. Weighing about 8-10 pounds. I ended up keeping her and she is my baby girl.

Thanks Kate!

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