Kiki the Cat is Safe after Woman Rescues Her From Young Thugs


A woman rescued a cat from a group of boys who were throwing the cat around in Waikiki Beach in Rockingham. The woman interrupted the group when she thought they were going to light the cat on fire with a blowtorch. Unfortunately the woman was shouted at and apparently harassed greatly before the group eventually let her and the cat go. According to WA Today:

The woman took the three-month-old kitten home before handing it over to a Cat Haven volunteer, who brought it to the Shenton Park shelter. Cat Haven spokesperson David Settelmaier said with thousands of cats and kittens coming through their doors each year, the organisation saw many cases of neglect and abuse. “But this one has shocked us all,” he said. “It’s unfathomable how young people could treat a defenceless animal with such utter cruelty and malice.” Cat Haven staff who named the kitten Kiki, said she did not suffer any injuries and had recovered well from her ordeal.

All we can say is that we’re glad that Kiki is safe. Sources say that the RSPCA is looking into the matter. I truly hope these kids get punished. Obviously what’s important is that the cat is alright and that there are such great Samaritans out there. Thank God the woman got there on time.

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