Kitten Adorably Curls up in Firefighters’ Helmet after Rescue

Charlie 1

As you can see in the picture, a little kitten has curled up in a firefighter’s helmet after being rescued.  This very lucky kitty was pulled from a burning apartment building in Devonport, Plymouth, UK.  The tiny cat was sitting on a sofa when the firefighter was searching the burning building for victims.  Lisa Talbot, who is the cat’s owner, was very happy that her beloved feline was saved from the blaze.  But sadly she lost everything in the fire and could not even recover a single item.  She was very thankful that the firefighters were able to get the cat named Charlie out of her apartment before it was too late.  A few other animals were rescued from the large building that day and many of their owners were very thankful.


The building was severely damage and many people and their pets were displaced by the blaze. The building is in such bad shape that it will be more than a few months before anyone can start moving back in.  It’s unclear where the residents and their pets were staying during the reconstruction.  Some residents when interviewed stated that they would never return to their apartments due to the bad memories it holds.  Even if the apartments are renovated it would still bring back memories of that tragic event.

This very damaging fire was not an accident.  In fact, it was set on purpose by a 14-year-old boy who was arrested for starting the blaze.  The child will likely be charged as a minor and is facing arson and intent to endanger life.  There is no word at this time when the trial will be held.  This tragic case could have only been prevented if someone had seen the boy starting the fire.  But he was able to get the blaze started and escaped before he himself was hurt in the fire. Thankfully, many of the people and their pets made it out alive and unharmed.  It could have been much worse if firefighters didn’t work hard to free the trapped people and their pets.  Thanks to those brave men and women, lives were saved!

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