Kitten Born With Severe Leg Deformity Finds Forever Home


Her name is Cute Bonnie and she was born with a severe leg deformity which was causing her back problems and needed an operation to have it removed.  Fans rallied on Facebook in July to raise money for the operation after a page was set up telling Bonnie’s story.  Bonnie’s page has more than 230 followers and gives regular updates on her progress in Bonnie’s first person muse.

Matthew Fry, a vet at Quarrington Veterninary Surgery, said that a major bone in Bonnie’s leg, between the knee and the ankle joint, was the wrong way around.  He said: “We gave them the discount because we do a lot of work for Cats Protection. It was also very interesting case to do, we usually do a lot of spaying and neutering, so this was really different. “Her knee was backwards so she struggled to walk, she even got her leg stuck over her back once, so we amputated it and she’s doing much better now on three legs.”

Thankfully Bonnie has just found a forever home.  She was the last of four kittens to do so.  Louise Blackah, of the Sleaford and District Cats Protection branch, said: “Bonnie is doing remarkably well, she is in a new home now. “She seems to be getting on very well with the other kitten her family adopted, but she’s made an absolutely smashing recovery. “She doesn’t seem to miss her leg, we did it as soon as we possibly could, but we had to wait for her to be big enough to have the anaesthetic.”

Peter Sowerby, Bonnie’s new owner said: “She is a total live-wire, she never stops, and now when she is running she is absolutely fine.”  We’re so glad that Bonnie is in a good place!

Cute Bonnie was born with a deformed back leg, which was causing her back problems and needed an operation to have it removed.

Image via Bonnie Kitten Facebook

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