A Kitten Born Without Eyes Gets a Second Chance at Life

kitten born without eyes

What do you consider a disability? Do you consider a disability something that prevents you from doing something, or do you consider it a state of mind and an attitude problem? As someone who doesn’t believe that disabilities are anything more than just a state of mind because I’ve seen so many animals and people do anything and everything that they’ve ever dreamed of doing because their positive attitudes and belief in themselves is so strong, this cat is not one I consider disabled.

Sure, this kitten was born without eyes and that is a definite disadvantage in life. Life is much easier when you can see where you are going and what you are doing, but this is not a cat with a disability. This cat doesn’t know any better, so this is her normal. Freya has no eyes. A family found her in their yard, and they assumed that she must have wandered away from her litter, since most kittens this young are from a litter. However, after realizing that there were no other kittens anywhere, it’s been assumed that someone dumped this kitten off because it has no eyes.

A local rescue was called, and they got Freya to a vet. She will soon have surgery to close her eye sockets only so that there is little to no chance that an infection will occur. She is now being raised in a rescue where she is being treated properly, where she has all the love and affection that she ever wanted, and where she is just as happy as can be. She will eventually go to a loving family when she is older and after she’s had the surgery she needs to keep her eye sockets closed to prevent infection and other health issues. She might have been useless to some horrible person, but she’s a life and she is not about to let her condition stop her.

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