This Kitten and This Bug Are Hilarious Together

kitten and bug

Are you afraid of anything? I think that deep down we are all afraid of something. In an effort not to get too deep, though, I’m talking about silly things. I’m not talking about being terrified of failure or loss or anything emotionally deep and pointed. I’m talking about stairs, ladders, heights, bugs; are you afraid of any of those things? Snakes and spiders top my list. I also find myself terrified when I’m driving like myself and other people are driving like jerks and I may or may not be screaming at them to not be jerks from my car and then they suddenly slow down and get even with me or turn at the same turn as me. I’m terrified they’re going to kill me.

Of course, we all laugh when someone is scared of something smaller than they are. After all, who is really scared of a bug when they are so much bigger? I believe the honest answer to that question is everyone. Everyone is terrified of bugs. Those who are not terrified of big, ugly spiders and snakes and other creatures is strange and not really human. This cat gets it. This cat finds a tiny bug on the floor and he wants it gone. He’s brave. He’ll get it. Except that every time the cat gets close or the bug moves, he freaks out and everything from that point forward is just hilarious. You have to see it to get the full effect, and it’s just that funny.   

Posted by When I Laugh on Saturday, March 19, 2016

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