Kitten Caught Red-Handed Decides to Finish the Job

kitten and shower curtain

We all have an occasional momentary lapse of judgement that leaves us feeling as if we wish we’d have made a better decision earlier so we did not find ourselves in a specific predicament later. Let’s take this cat, for instance. This cat was not a good cat. She decided that she wanted to have a little fun, so she found some fun to be had. However, instead of chasing a hair tie all over the floor, bothering the kids or just finding something to jump up on and relax that she might not be allowed to do regularly, this kitten thought it might be a good idea to actually destroy her parents’ shower curtain, instead. Call it teenage rebellion of the kitten variety. Here she is, caught red-handed by her mother in the tub. The poor curtain is half shredded to bits and pieces, and she certainly looks surprised that she’s been caught in the act. No doubt she fully intended on blaming it on the dog at a later date.

She’s been caught; she knows it. She takes a few moments. She stares her people down. We’d love to know what’s going on in her head right now as she looks at her mother and wonders what’s up, how she’s getting out of this and what she should do next. Should she suck up? Should she rely on all her kitten cuteness to go ahead and see if she can butter up her mother for a little redemption?

No; that doesn’t sound like fun. In fact, she’s not even going to bother. The way this cat sees it, she was already caught in the act and she’s already in trouble. So, why not hop up and finish the job? She figures she’s not going to get out of trouble either way, so she might as well enjoy herself. Take a look.

kitten and shower curtain attacks

Photos by Imgur 

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