Kitten Finds a Kitchen Mitt And Uses It As The Cutest Sleeping Bag Ever


Say hello to Chloe, who just may be our new favorite kitten on the planet.  In fact she’s so cute and so smart that she recently tried on a kitchen mitt.  Nope, it wasn’t for fashion.  She realized that the mitt would make an excellent sleeping bag!  Since she’s so tiny and loves squeezing into cozy places, it appears that the mitt is perfect for her.  And as you’ll see in the video, Chloe made sure that the mitt would be nice and comfy for her.  So comfy that she even has some room to wiggle around inside.

If only we were all this young like Chloe and could create adventurous as fun as this.  Letting your imagination run wild is a great thing and Chloe reminds us that there’s a child in all of us.  Never let that inner child go away!  By the way, don’t you think they should make human sized kitchen mitts?  Sign me up for that!

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