When This Kitten Meets Her First Dog Friend, The Cutest Thing Happens!

dog and kitten

This video is totally sweet.  When this tiny kitten named Tootsie, first sees the much larger dog named Buddy, she is really curious about the canine.  The pooch is laying on his doggy bed and does not seem to mind the kitten smelling his ear.  As the kitten is trying to figure out why the dogs ear is moving back and forth, Tootsie is amazed at just how different the dog is from her.  She seems to adore the dog and wants to know more about him.  But what makes this now viral video so special, is the way it is narrated.

A small child’s voice is playing the part cat and the father’s voice is being played by the part of the dog.  This is very funny to watch and the kitten says “I love you Buddy!”  Then after a few seconds, the dog say “I love you too!”.  Later in the video you can see the child is also in the clip and is looking at the camera.   The little boy is smiling and seems very happy to be part of this amazing production.  This is a fun way to spend time with your child and you can tell that everyone is having a blast.

The clip is short, but it is a very cool one that everyone seems to love.  Now that the dog and cat have met, they can spend time playing with one another.  Surely the much older dog will help raise the kitten and be the best of friends with her.  They will probably spend many days lounging around the house and running around outside.  There is no telling what these two will end up doing together and they will probably always get along. Maybe this kitten will grow up thinking she is a dog.  The pair have many years of being together.  If you would like to see this amazing first time meeting, then you will have to watch the video located below.  It will put a smile on your face and it is a great way to start your day.

Image via YouTube.com

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