Kitten And Owlet Become Best Friends And Nap Twins

owl and cat 1

As you can see from the photos, both the owlet and the kitten really seem to love one another.  These two are often found giving each other love.  The pair reside in a most unique place and their home is much different than most would expect.  These amazing animals live at the Hukulou Coffee Shop and are often greeted by the people who come to the store.  The Owl, whose name is Fuku, is a tiny little bird that loves to nap during the day.  The kitten, whose name is Marimo, also loves to take a nap and the pair is often seen sleeping together.

owl and cat 2

The coffee shop has an owl theme and people can buy owl related items with their coffee.  Sometimes other owls come into the shop with their owners.  This is a very fun place to be and tons of people love to hang out here.  The shop, which is in Japan is very popular and people from around the world have been here.  It seems that Fuku and Marimo are famous in their own right.  People come just to see the pair and often take pictures of them napping together.  As you can see in these photos these two animals really do care for one another.  They share a bond that is really strong and nothing seems to come between these two cute pets.  While some would not feel safe allowing a cat to be so near a owl, they have always gotten along well.

This is an odd couple that really knows how to make people smile.  It is funny seeing a bird and a feline together, but it works and their cute nature really is something special.  The pair share a lot of different things and during mealtimes each of them gets their own dinners, but the eat them together.  It’s amazing to see these animals get along so well and who would have thought that an owl and a cat would be friends.  The owner of these two is really lucky.  If you are ever in Japan, you might want to check these guys out for yourself.

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