Kitten Rescued From Burning Home is Revived With Oxygen


When a firefighter brought out Smokey the cat from his burning home in Australia last Friday night, the tiny kitten appeared to be lifeless. Luckily, paramedic Kim Saunders was able to bring back the 6-week-old kitten with an oxygen mask. Saunders, a paramedic with the NSW Ambulance, used an oxygen mask meant for a baby on the young kitten after a firefighter searching the house heard the feline’s distressed sounds and found Smokey lying under a bed. The kitten had apparently lost consciousness and went limp due to the smoke inhalation he sustained by the time he was brought outside.

“The fire officer gave the kitten some rescue breaths before signalling to us and placing the kitten on the ground. He then ran back into the building,” Saunders told  The South Coast Register.

“At first, we didn’t know what to do. I thought, ‘I’ll give it some oxygen and see what happens’. So we put on a paediatric mask with some oxygen, dried the kitten off and wrapped him up. After about 15 minutes he came to and actually started purring. At one stage his head popped off the mask but he put it back in so he must have been enjoying it.”

“We took the kitten over to [homeowner Marianne Hense, when she arrived home to find her kitten had been rescued from the fire]. You could still feel it purring through the towel. She gave it a little kiss,” Saunders added.

Saunders told Ben Fordham in a radio interview that her paramedic training did not prepare her for treating animals on the job, but thankfully she learned from her sister, a trained veterinary nurse.

“I don’t care about anything inside the house, only that my cats were safe,” Hense said. Looks like she has nothing to worry about, as the kitten rescued is perfectly safe now.

Photo Source:  News Corp Australia

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