Kitten is Rescued from a Car and Finds a Home


With school back in session and in full swing, it can be a bit difficult to get back into the flow of the school year, especially on a Monday morning. One teacher had quite the scare at the beginning of this week after hearing meows and the sounds of a cat crying as she drove to the New Jersey middle school she works at this past Monday morning. Pam Haug, an English teacher at Jefferson Middle School in Fair Lawn, New Jersey was shaken as she drove in, seeking help from the school’s vice principal, Dominick Tarquinio. Haug left Tarquinio to investigate the feline situation as she went to her first period class. Thankfully, the kitten is rescued before it could have possibly been harmed.

“She wasn’t sure if she had run over a cat, she said ‘I’m hearing some meowing sounds from the front of my car and I’m too afraid to look,’” Tarquinio recalled.

The vice principal hadn’t heard anything for a while, but then heard a soft meow coming from the English teacher’s car. He unlatched the car’s hood and looking up at him was a “cute little button face sitting behind the engine.”  After fifteen minutes of coaxing, he was able to get the kitten safely into his arms and took the kitty into the safety of the school office. There, the kitten – who appeared to be in good health – was able to grab a drink of water and even ran around the place a little bit. Students in the Animal Club got in on the rescue kitten action, playing with it and even naming it Midnight.

All’s well that ends well: despite the fright Midnight the kitten initially gave her that morning, Haug decided to adopt her little feline hitchhiker, providing it with a loving home.

(Photo Source: Dominick Tarquinio)

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