Kitten is Rescued From the Engine Compartment of a Tesla Electric Car

kitten in motor

One Friday a stray kitten was wondering the streets, when it decided to make the engine compartment of a car its new home.  The car was a very expensive Tesla Model S and the cat was surely in danger.  The very small compartment, which houses the electric motor, is no place for a kitten to be.  The owner of the car tried many times to get the kitten to come out.  The owner even used a can of tuna to lure the kitten, but had no luck doing so.  Nothing else could be done by the owner, so he carefully took his prized Tesla to the dealership and had the service center dismantle his beloved car.

With the car up in the air, the technician started taking the car apart.  The man carefully unbolted the bottom of the car, but was afraid that the feline would jump out at him.  After the panels were removed the owner of the car reached inside and grabbed the animal.  The kitten was very scared and meowed very loudly; as the man was handling him.  The car owner placed the cat inside of a carrying crate, were he would be safe from harm.  He gave the kitten plenty of food and water to drink, which the cat was very thankful for.

The owner of the car took the cat in and actually found a new home for the feline.  The cat was given a name related to the car and in memory of how he was rescued.  If it had not been for the quick thinking car owner, this kitten would have died inside of the car or gotten ran over trying to escape.  This was a very kind person and he went well beyond the call of duty to save the cat.  This story had a happy ending but sadly every year kittens and cats are killed, because they crawl inside of engine compartments.  If you have a stray living in your area, please pay attention when you get in your vehicle.  Please report any stray animals to your local animal shelter or rescue group.

Cat Stuck in a Tesla from John Griswell on Vimeo.

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