Kitten is Rescued after Getting Stuck in a Drainage Hole

Cat in ditch

A stray cat was stuck in a dumpster’s bottom drainage hole two weeks ago.  The kitty’s tiny head was the only part of her body that could be seen as it was poking out of the industrial dumpster’s small hole that is used for drainage.  This incident happened in Maryborough West, Queensland, Australia.

Following the discovery of the trapped kitten, workers contacted the RSPCA for help.  The Queensland RSPCA and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services staff joint forces and successfully rescued the young kitten.  Rescuers used a soapy lubricant to get the distressed kitten’s head out of the little hole.

John Pappas, a Maryborough Fire Station Officer, stated that they had firefighters both outside and inside the dumpster bin and with that it help them to slowly push the feline’s head back through the hole.  After the cat’s head was free, the firefighters then gave her to RSPCA Inspector Penny Flaherty.

Inspector Flaherty named the kitty Indy.  She took the feline to the vet and had the animal spent the night at her home before turning it over to the Brisbane RSPCA, where Indy continued to recover under the care of the vet and its staff.  Little Indy is expected to make a full recovery.  Once Indy fully recovers, she will be available for adoption.

Indy was very lucky that the workers found her before the trash was collected.  Thanks to the workers that were at the site who called for help right away.  If not for them the story could have ended the other way.  Big thumbs up go to both the Queensland RSPCA and Fire and Emergency Services for the successful rescue of Indy as well.

I am glad that Indy the cat got all the help that she needed right away.  This story reminds us that stray animals like cats matters.  It’s really good to know that a lot of people care for animals’ well-being stray or not.  Hopefully after her recovery, Indy will be able to find a new and loving home.  I’m sure she will be really happy to have a home to live where she will be sound and safe.

Image via Queensland RSPCA

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