Kitten Who is Rescued from a Prius Finds Forever Home


While driving around in a Prius the owner of the car noticed some very strange sounds coming from under the hood.  When the owner went to investigate a kitten could be heard meowing loudly.   The owner took the car into the dealership and had a technician safely remove the kitten from the engine compartment. A plate had to be removed in order to free the kitten but the car was not damage during the process. The auto technician that freed the cat said this about the ordeal, “It didn’t want to come out at first so I had to reach in and grab it.” After the feline was free the plate was then replace and the owner of the car was very happy that the kitten made it out ok. The kitten was very lucky to be alive but was going to need someone to look after it.

The reason that the car owner drove slowly was to keep the engine of the car from coming on.  It doesn’t always run and this is what helped save the cat’s life.  If the owner had not heard the kitten and drove at normal speeds it’s possible that the kitten would not have made it out alive.  This kitty is sure lucky to be freed safely from being trapped inside of the car.  It is not known just how the kitten found his way inside of the car engine but it must have been really scared when the car started to move.  This is probably why it was meowing so loudly.

Once the cute kitten was free from the car everyone started talking about how beautiful the tiny animal was.  But one person in particular seemed to love the cat more than the rest.  A woman who was working at the dealership came into the garage to take a look at the kitten.  When she laid eyes on the feline she fell for him; it was love at first sight!  Now she has adopted the kitten giving him a forever home.  The kitten was named Prius after the car that he was rescued in. For more on this story please check out the video below.

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