Kitten is Rescued from a Tokyo Overpass in an Amazing Effort

cat on overpass

A very scared kitten was recently rescued from a busy Tokyo overpass.  The feline, who has trapped high up in the air, was very nervous about the situation.  After being on the overpass for two days, people started to worry about the cat and a massive effort was put together in order to save the cat’s life.  A large crowd grew under the overpass and rescue efforts were underway.  Twenty firefighters joined the effort to save the cute kitten.  A lift was brought in and was loaned out by a landscaping company.  The rescue workers used the lift to get up high were the kitten was trapped.

Everyone was on edge including the cat, so people at the bottom of the lift held a blanket to catch the feline in case it fell.  After several attempts to rescue the cat, workers were able to finally get their hands on it. It took 90 mins. to rescue the kitten and everyone was happy. Then they were able to use the lift to lower everyone to the ground.  After the cat reached the ground, there where a ton of TV cameras taking shots of the animal.  They even placed microphones in the face of the cat to get his interview.  But the cat only responded with meows of thank you!

The kitten was staving after being on the overpass for two days, so they gave him some food.  This very lucky little kitty is now famous.  People around the world are talking about this cat and his rescue.  It seems that this feline will soon get a forever home and hopefully he will never try and climb on an overpass again.  If someone had not seen the kitten and alerted the fire department, surely something bad would have happened to him.  All of this rescue was captured on film.  The many camera crews that were at the overpass got some really good footage.  Below this article you can find one account of this dramatic rescue.  But if you watch it, you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time.

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