Kitten Shot By Pellet Gun is Saved by Good Samaritan


Last Friday two women saw a young cat being dumped on the road in Denver, CO and stopped traffic to rescue him. Karen Eisenring was the woman who rescued the kitten known as Dash. Dash is said to be 8-10 weeks old. “I want the person who did this caught and I’m hoping that someone was able to get the [license] plate of the person who did this,” Karen Eisenring told Denver’s KUSA.

When Dash was saved he had an injured leg which initially suggested the fall from the car that dumped him on the road may have hurt his leg. After Eisenring took Dash to the vet it was determined that the leg injury was not in fact sustained from the fall but rather from a pellet gun shot.

Karen went ahead and paid for the surgery herself which cost around $1200. Denver’s KUSA reported the story last week and was hoping to raise money by donations for Dash’s surgery. We don’t have a status update on how much was raised but we’re grateful for Karen.

Dash officially has a new owner in his rescuer. We can only hope that those who brought harm to Dash are brought to justice.

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