Kitten Stuck In Truck Engine For 28 Miles Survives And Gets A Forever Home


A beautiful kitten was found in a truck engine by a man who was headed to work.  After traveling 28 miles, the kitten was discovered and everyone was shocked that he made the trip without being killed. He was found when someone walking by the truck heard the kitten meowing for help.  It is unclear how the kitten got under the hood of the truck, but when rescuers found the cat it was stuck in the fan blades of the engine.  Luckily the kitten was not harmed and they were able to remove the kitten without damage to the truck.

The lucky kitten was named Mars because the man he got a ride with was headed to work at the Mars candy company factory.  This feline, who made the long journey unharmed has gotten a lot of attention lately and was featured on the local news and the internet. All this attention has been really great for Mars the kitten and now it has gotten him a forever home.  After seeing Mars and his story on the local news, a woman by the name of Jennifer Blunt really wanted to take in the cat.  She and her family had been looking to add a kitten to there home for some time now.  Blunt felt that this was the perfect chance to do something good for the pet population and try and adopt Mars. The growing family also has a baby on the way as well as a toddler.  This will be the perfect loving family, that Mars the cat was looking for.

The Mars candy company decided to help the new family and donated a years supply of food for the kitten to enjoy.  Also the company has chipped in $1000 to the shelter who helped save Mars from being put to sleep.  This was great news for both the cat and the group that helped safe his life.  Mars now has a wonderful family to call his own and will never have to worry about getting trapped inside of a truck motor ever again.  Mars also has a little sister now who will grow up with the cat and become the best of friends.

 Image via PRNews/Mars Petcare 

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