Kitten Survives a Trip into the Industrial Shredder Machine

black kitten

A tiny black kitten is very lucky to be alive today.  The kitten who is from Rainham, Essex, UK, is safe and sound now, but as you will see that wasn’t always the case.  But the kitten faced certain death when he arrived at a recycling center, hidden in a cardboard box. The feline and the box were tossed inside of a large industrial sheading machine, with it turned on.  Once the box was thrown into the machine, the workers began to hear meows and cries from the kitten, but could nothing about it.  But to the workers surprise, the kitten came out of the other end of the machine without being harmed.  The worker is quoted as saying this about the event “There was nothing I could do when I heard the cat’s cries from inside, but then he popped out the other end on the conveyor belt in between blocks of metal – stressed but unhurt.”


Once the kitten came out of the other side of the machine, the worker quickly came to the rescue of the animal.  The RSPCA was contacted and the kitten was taken to their shelter.  They do not know how the cat ended up in the box or why the box was not checked before it was thrown into the machine.  But luckily this story had a happy ending and the kitten was not harmed.  While the kitten was very scared and shaken up, this feline surely does have 9 lives, but he might have just spent one.

It is likely that this kitten was a stray and had no forever home.  He probably crawled into the recycling bin and then into box, were he fell asleep.  He was then picked up by the garbage truck and there was no escaping the box at that point.  To see how large the shredding machine is, will really shock you.  It’s amazing that this feline made it out alive.  Now this kitten is up for adoption and waiting for a forever home.  Hopefully soon this cat will find a forever home and anyone would be really lucky to have such a beautiful kitten to call their own.


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