Adorable Kitten with Cow Markings Wants That Bottle Badly!


What is cuter than a kitten? How about a kitten that looks a lot like a cow? There is just something so inherently adorable about this tiny kitten that makes us unable to stop watching this darling video. This kitten is as tiny as they come, and marked just like a baby cow. I mean, really; is there anything more adorable? I don’t think so; this is cute stuff and it’s too good to move past without watching. This sweet kitten, though, is already hitting the bottle pretty hard. She wants it, and she wants it bad. She wants it so bad that she is willing to do just about anything to get it.

This kitten actually climbs all the way from the ground to the shoulder of the woman holding the bottle and she stands in what looks like the hallway of a veterinarian’s office, and she finds her bottle. She actually climbs up her pants, her shirt and onto her shoulder, and it’s really cute. It just goes to show that even cats that look a lot like cows can become addicted to the bottle in a way that’s supremely adorable. This is one addict we don’t mind at all.

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