Kittens are Rescued from a Meth Lab in Virginia


Back in late June there was a methamphetamine lab case that occurred in Virginia.   Four days after the case was cracked (June 25th) a group of four kittens was saved from a meth lab by police officers.  The police took the kittens to a vet for checkups and vaccinations.   They were then released to the local humane society and will be up for adoption.  The cats names are Jep, Kitty-Wampus, Salem, and Tiddly-Winks.

The suspected apartment where the lab took place was in question when residents reported on the residents living there.   Apparently the people and kittens were in the apartment for other a month without water or electricity while the manufacturing of the drugs was taking place.   The process of making meth is a nasty one with fumes that are toxic to both humans and animals.

The animals were taken to Tipton Ridge Veterinary Clinic for examination and treatment. The kittens have been decontaminated and appear to be healthy.  A spokesperson for The Pulaski County Humane Society advised that they are currently accepting adoption applications and donations for the kittens.

The investigation is still ongoing and we’re hoping that animal cruelty charges are brought to light in addition to criminal charges for the lab.

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