Kittens Are Cared for and Placed in New Homes


I found them outside my home 2 years ago.  There were mother cat and 5 kittens.   All of them were wild and so timid, but mother cat became more trusting and affectionate when me and my sister started to feed her.  The kittens wouldn’t come out until we left.   Every day they were coming back to our door step for food, even though still very timid and running away after hearing every of any sound.   However, one day mother cat and three kittens didn’t come back at all.   Only 2 of them were still timidly coming back for food and it was getting really cold.   I could see them picking their little paws up because the ground was just so cold, and so I decided to get them in somehow.  It took me about 40 minutes and were running away each time I move to closer the door in my home, but eventually it worked.

I made the litter for them out of soil from the garden  as that’s the only thing they’re familiar with.  For a couple of days they were crying, meowing, hiding, scratching and hissing, but still each time I just would take one by one and just stroke it, cuddle it, and in a week’s time they became better and better, more socialized, didn’t hide anymore and didn’t hiss.

I would have kept them but I couldn’t so i found a pet site, wrote about their situation and posted some nice photos. I had lots of responses.  These kittens need love more than normal and they need to be kept preferably together but most of them wanted them separately until one amazing couple who said that they wanted them both.  So they added me on Facebook so they could share photos with me to see how the  kittens were getting on.

I later found out after a couple of days that the mother cat had been found as well as her kittens and they all been placed in new homes.

This amazing story comes to us from our Facebook fan Anna Si.

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