Kittens Rescued From Under a Pile of Wood at 8 Weeks Old Look Happy Now


We’d love the Thank Marcy Goddard for sending in this amazing picture of of her cats Momo and Tessa.  As you can see they look pretty happy up there doing a little bird watching.   These two beauties were saved as kittens and here is Marcy’s account of the two pals.

Momo and Tessa were found as kittens (roughly eight weeks old) under a pile of wood. Momo, on the left, has always been fascinated by squirrels and birds, but on this day, Tessa (the tiger stripe on the right) decided to join in. As the birds sang outside, and the squirrels darted between the birdfeeders and trees, the two siblings growled, mewed, pawed at the window and generally looked adorable. They were approximately a year old when this pic was taken.

So cute!

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