Kittens are Rescued after Being Tossed Into the Garbage


Who in their right mind would toss young kittens on their own into the garbage? That is the question on everyone’s minds in Rockland, Maine. Six kittens are rescued after being found tossed out and left for dead just a mere few feet away from the trash at the Rockland Transfer Station. The kittens, who were discovered to be only one to two weeks old, are now safe and sound, thanks to a number of people, including Steven Gregoire, an attendant at the station, who was the first person to care for them.

Gregoire found the kittens behind the electrical panel  and had to pull them out one by one. However, he couldn’t leave work, so resident Sharon Spaulding jumped in to help. Spaulding took the wee felines to the Knox County Humane Society – she says she cried the whole time. At the humane society, the kittens were taken in by a surrogate mother – a stray named Mittens, who had just given birth to her own kittens.  The six rescued kittens will be up for adoption in about eight weeks. They already have one person who is vying to be first on the wait list to adopt one of them: their rescuer, Gregoire!

In the video below, you can see the adorable little kittens as their story is told on the local news in Maine. It’s hard not to watch and think, “Who would do such a thing?!” Unfortunately, the former owner(s) of the kittens are still unknown, but the kittens are currently safe and sound and awaiting to be adopted in the near future.

Photo Source: YouTube 

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