Kitty Cried in the Freezing Cold for Hours but a Miracle Happened

Kitty out in the cold

Young animals simply can’t take care of themselves especially when they are out in the wild without their mom. They often get lost and die from starvation and other dangerous elements. The next story is about a lost kitten named Francis that was left alone outside in a freezing cold winter.

MsChrissybeast, a Youtube user uploaded the video below about how she rescued a kitten from dying. It all happened when she was out in her yard walking through the snow when she heard a very weak cry from a distant, which she ignored at first. After a few hours she came back outside and she heard the same cry again. This time she decided to check where the cry is coming from. She found a kitten crying under the porch of her neighbor. The poor kitten was alone, cold, weak and his eyes were covered by a thick black goop. The cat purr right after Chrissy picked him up. The cat felt safe right away even though he wasn’t able to see who was helping him.

Chrissy was worried that the kitty won’t make it because he was very weak and barely breathing. So she asked St. Francis for his intercession to help the cat live. The cat survived and that’s why they named him after the saint. Francis is now very happy with his new loving family. In fact, he got along quick with the family’s pets including 2 other rescue cats and a dog.

When you see the healthy and happy Francis in the video below, you wouldn’t think that his past was a dark one. I am very glad that Chrissy was the miracle this cat was waiting for during the darkest time of his life. Miracles happen when you least expect it. Fortunately, for Francis a kindhearted person heard his cry and rescued him before it was too late.

It’s a beautiful rescue story that will surely warm your heart. But not all abandon cats will get lucky and get rescued. In order to prevent cases like Francis make sure to spay or neuter your cats if you don’t want them to multiply. So make sure to watch the clip below for more info about Francis’ rescue.

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