Kittypalooza is a Success in Miami and Norfolk

rgz kitypaloza 09

For those of you out there unfamiliar with Kittypalooza, it’s growing.   Over the weekend two locations hosted their own versions of Kittypalooza.  One of them took place in Miami at the Southern Pines Animal Shelter.  The other event took place in Norfolk, CT at the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption center.

The center in Norfolk hosted their Kittypalooza for the 3rd consecutive year.  The big adoption push started on Thursday and lasted until Sunday afternoon.  During this time of year the center said it gets nearly 500 cats they they have a tough time giving away.   As many of you know,  June is adopt a cat month.

In Miami, the same influx of cats and kittens came into Southern Pines and the giveaway was something that was needed.  Nearly 100 cats were adopted this weekend in Miami.  All the cats and kittens that are adopted have already had their spay or neuter surgery, have had their age appropriate shots, and have been checked for worms. Owners also receive a free month of pet health insurance.

Let’s give it up for Kittypalooza!

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