Did you Know there are Cat Colonies Living Under the Atlantic City Boardwalk?

Feral Cats

When it comes to stray cats we have all seen our fair share hanging out in a back alley or some abandon building.  But there is a colony of feral cats that you probably never knew existed. Along the Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic City Board Walk is a very popular destination for millions of people each and every year.  But under this famous board walk lives a colony of feral cats.  For many years these cats have lived here and have become a staple of the community that surrounds them.

Visitors from around the world have come here to see these cats and many photos have been taken with them.  These famous cats have also been featured in different articles and news stories.  People simply love these animals and you can often see them sitting with these felines and even holding them.  While some of these cats are friendly and will come up to you, others shy away under the board walk only coming out when it’s nighttime or no one is around.

Not only are these cats welcomed here, many of them have been taken to the Vet for shots and have been spayed and neutered to help keep their population under control.  The Board Walk Cat Project works hard to help these animals serve throughout the year.  They are given food and are taken to the Vet if they show signs of sickness.  This has helped these animals to thrive and many don’t even look like strays at all.

This has also caused a problem because people are now dropping off unwanted cats at the board walk in hopes that they will be taken care of.  But the city is very strict about this and will fine you up to $1000 per animals if you are caught doing this.  Also, you are not allowed to feed the cats because they are on a very strict feeding schedule. So if you visit remember to leave nothing but your foot prints and take nothing but photos.  So if you are in the area make sure to check out these amazing animals.

Image via castabigshadow at Flickr.com

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