Did You Know the Latest Cat Fashion Also Protects Local Birds?

Cat collar

Cats hunt birds whenever they are let out to roam around the backyard.  In the United States, an estimated of over one billion birds are killed by the cats each year.  This number is very surprising to some people especially when they learned that domestic cats are a major threat to the bird population.

You might wonder how the latest cat fashion protects local birds.  Well, let me tell you what it is and how it can help protect birds.  The latest cat fashion is a colorful collar called Birdsbesafe or BBS which is an anti-predation collar.  This product which is made in America comes in three different colors; red, yellow and rainbow.  The bright colors serves as a warning to birds and lizards that a cat is coming.  It alerts them of the cat’s presence.

How effective is the product?

The Birdsbesafe collars have been tested by Australian scientists and their experiment concluded that the product is effective.  Cats who wore the BBS collars saw an almost 50% drop of the birds and lizards they have caught.  Unfortunately, the BBS can’t help protect the mice population because BBS can only protect animals with good color vision.  It looks like Mickey and Minnie still needs to be careful roaming around.

Birdsbesafe was tested in Western Australia for two years on 114 pet cats.  During the first year of the experiment, scientists found out that when the prey were birds the rainbow and red collars are more effective than the yellow collar.  The second year only the rainbow collars were used.  As the experiment ended, 77% of the cat owners planned to continue using Birdsbesafe.

The BBS is a good choice for those cat owners who wished to let their cat roam around freely in the yard and protect the local birds at the same time.  Right now, Birdsbesafe is the only anti-predation product that has successfully reduced the number of the birds they caught and brought home.  This colorful collar is perfect to use in places where endangered herpetofauna and other mammalian preys are vulnerable by cats.

I think this product is really cool.  Not only is it a cute collar it also save birds lives.

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