Did You Know There’s a Cat Pub in Tokyo?


We all know about the famous cat cafes in Tokyo, which are slowly making their way over to the U.S. and other places in the world. Those cafes are great daytime activities to spend with adorable felines, but what happens when the sun sets and it’s time for nighttime activities to commence? Japan is on top of it yet again – this time with the first-ever cat pub!

In the Ashigaoka neighborhood in Japan, Neko Bar Akanasu is the first bar to serve beer while patrons are alongside cute cats. The pub is owned by Koyanagai; the 60-year-old has told the local news that there was never a time in his 60 years that he didn’t own a cat, which is fitting that his pub also includes the company of felines. He explains that he started caring for felines that came from animal shelters along with his wife after they became “attached to the creatures” and ended up giving them a new forever home by adopting them.

As you can imagine, the pub has gained quite the following and popularity that many restaurants and pubs can only dream of getting. It’s recommended that you call and make a reservation if you want to go to Neko Bar Akanasu on a weekend. It is definitely worth seeing all of the melt-your-heart kitties, especially as they roam the pub. Many of them can be seen climbing over tables, chairs, seats, and lounging with various items, including pub beverages, food, menus, placemats – you name it. Alcohol and cats – what’s not to love?!

Photo Source: Cat_Bar_Akanasu Twitter

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