Lena Dunham Gives Taylor Swift a Cat Necklace for her Birthday

Scottish fold cat

We all know that Taylor Swift simply loves cats.  Many of you have probably seen pictures of her and the Scottish Fold kitten named Meredith.  This very cute feline is one of the most popular animals in the world, thanks to Swift. She even brings the cat along with her when she is on tour and I am sure this feline gets treated like royalty by the members of her team.  Taylor Swift’s birthday was a big event for her and her friends.  I am sure they danced the night away at some swanky club or spend time at a popular restaurant. I am sure they partied the night away spending some of those hard earn dollars she has earned this year. But what do you get this millionaire and award winning artist that she doesn’t already have?  A cat necklace of course!

During her 25th birthday, her really close friend and fellow famous person Lena Dunham decided to give her a gift she soon wouldn’t forget. Dunham had a very popular and highly sought after jewelry maker by the name of Irene Neuwirth build a very beautiful diamond gold necklace in the likeness of Taylor’s beloved pet cat Meredith.  This very expensive necklace is reported to have cost upwards of $10,000.  Now that’s one really good friend isn’t it?  Irene Neuwirth is one of California’s most famous jewelry makers and it is said that the company has make hundreds of these similar pet pendants for much of Hollywood’s elites.

I am sure that Taylor simply loved this necklace because you can often see her wearing it when she is out on the town.  I wonder what Taylor is going to get Lena Dunham this holiday season? I bet something just as amazing to repay such an amazing gift.  I don’t know about you but I would love to be friends with either of these very rich and talented ladies.   So make sure to check out her amazing new necklace when you get a chance.  You too will be dying to have one made in the likeness of your pet.

Image via Vladimir_arsh at Flickr.com

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