Leonard The Kitten was Trapped in an Abandoned Hospital and Saved

Trapped cat

There are lots of feral cats that are living in the streets and in abandon buildings. Some of these female animals have babies and the chance of their survival is very minimal. Today I am going to share with you the story of a feral kitten, who was trapped in an abandoned hospital.

Sometime in August of 2014, a cat lover who loves to explore buildings as a hobby, wandered together with a friend at the Leonard Hospital in Troy, New York. While wandering in the building, they heard a sad and panicked cry of a kitten. He decided to come back to save the young feline because his friend was too nervous. When he came back, he found a kitten that was separated from his mother trapped in between the walls of the abandoned hospital. Using some tools and a ladder he managed to get the young cat out around 4 AM. The kitty was named Leonard, after the abandoned hospital where he was trapped and rescued.

The rescuer who is known as” Impfac”, also love to find interesting mementos from the abandon buildings that he explored. He stated in his story (on LiveLeak) that “Leonard is his best find ever”. As much as he’d love to keep Leonard, he decided to turn him over to a shelter because he already have a few pet cats that he previously rescued. Impfac have lots of pictures on his Flickr account showing pictures of several cats that are now his pets and the abandon buildings that he had explored.

Leonard is really lucky that someone with a kind heart heard his cry for help that day. I can’t imagine the fear that this kitten was feeling while he was trapped alone between the dark walls. He would have starved to death if Impfac didn’t come back and rescue him.

For now Leonard is in the good hands of the shelter and waiting for someone to adopt him. I bet a cat lover will give this adorable kitty a loving home soon. I hope there will be more people like Impfac that is willing to save animals who desperately need help.

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