Let’s Help Britain’s Oldest Rescue Cat Find a Home Despite Those Terrifying Eyes


19-year-old cat “Pop” is struggling to find a home.  And one would think it might be because of her age but in reality, many people are put off by her “terrifying” eyes.   Two months ago Pops was found dazed and stumbling on the side of the road.  Pops was rushed to the vets by a concerned member of the public, only to be told she was simply suffering from old age. She currently struggles to walk, and is nearly blind in both eyes which give her the scary appearance.

The consensus theory right now is that Pops previous owner may have been an elderly person who passed away.  Recent family members may have forgot about or neglected pops.  She was later taken in by the Cats Protection League’s Midsomer Norton and Radstock branch near Bath, Somerset.

Pops, who is 93 years old in cat years is apparently off putting to visitors because of her striking eyes and inability to move well.  She’s constantly being overlooked and we need to find her a home. Belinda Dark, a volunteer at the charity who keeps a close eye on Pops, said: “I think because of her sight and health problems she isn’t everyone’s first choice. Her appearance isn’t as favorable as some of the younger kittens. I think people are put off my eyes or how frail she is.”

“It would be lovely to see her go to a loving family. We think she may have been abandoned after an elderly owner became unable to look after her. “She was very confused when she came to us, her sight is very poor and she is a weak old cat but she loves being close to you and being petted – she’s incredibly friendly and doing well for her age.”


Let’s help out Pops!


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