Let’s Help this Woman Open a Cat Cafe in Ireland

Cat cafe

Cat café’s around the world are continuously gaining popularity.  Aside from being able to spend time and play with felines, some of these café’s also offers coffee and pastries to customers.  Most cat café’s are located in major cities worldwide and it’s because most people live in apartments and living a very busy life that often leaves them no time to take on a pet like a cat.

One woman named Georgina O’Neill in Ireland has seen the need of opening a cat café in the city of Dublin and will be the first of the country.  Crazy Cat’s Café will not only give the public a chance to enjoy the cats but it will also serve tea and pastries.  She also plans to work with local shelters and help re-home rescue cat at the café.

Many people have health concerns that the food will be contaminated by the cats in the café.  O’Neill noted that it wouldn’t be a problem because the cat lounge and the kitchen and serving areas are going to be separate.

Opening a cat café is not easy.  It will take a lot of work and money to get it started.  O’Neill who has been unemployed for a long time needs financial help to make her plans come true.  In fact, she has started a crowdfunding campaign on the website Indiegogo so she can raise enough money to start her cat café business.

O’Neill needs €50,000 to be able to open the café buy stocks and toys for the cats and pay rent.  She is hoping that the cat lovers in Ireland will her achieved the amount of money she needs.  In case, her online fundraising campaign fails to secure the amount the she needs O’Neill guaranteed to refund the money to donated to the people who made donations.

She hopes to open the café in September of this year if she successfully raised the amount she needs.  If you want to donate and learn more about O’Neill’s campaign, you can check this link https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/crazy-cats-cafe.

I hope O’Neill will be able to achieve her dreams and open the first cat café in Ireland this coming September.

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