What This Little Kitty Does When Someone Comes To Cuddle Her is Beyond Words


If there’s one thing we adore most about young kittens, it’s their fondness of being touched and cuddled. When they grow up to be older cats, that isn’t always the case, so when said cats are still pretty much babies, it’s best to take advantage of all the cuddling you can get! Kittens’ reactions to certain things are already entertaining (as well as heart-tugging) to begin with, especially when it comes to the most normal and mundane things. Kittens can give people a different perspective through their young feline eyes, and many kittens just can’t get enough loving and attention, especially through touch. In a viral video, the tiniest little kitty shows off its adorable reaction when a human tries to cuddle her.

In the 32-second video below, you can see a teeny, tiny Ewok-looking gray kitten – who is arguably the cutest kitten in the world – reacting to human touch. Once the person lays their hand on the little feline’s body, the kitten seems to be in heaven over it. There’s no denying that the kitty, who is not much bigger than the size of the person’s hand, just adores being cuddled and pet by the person. Once touched, the kitty moves from being on its stomach/side and rolls over onto its back, practically urging and inviting her human to pet and rub her all over there. The kitten lightly paws and kicks the person’s hand, showing off how much she loves the love and attention, and even appears to be stretching! The tiny ball of fluff, who can’t be more than a couple of weeks old, is so cute with its facial expressions and happy reaction – we just can’t take our eyes off the tiny feline and stop watching. The “cutest kitten in the world” label that it has been given is very appropriate and after watching this adorable ball of fur, you can’t help but completely agree!

(Photo Source: YouTube)


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