Lord Of The Rings Litter Box And Sauron Scratching Post For Cats

Lord of The Rings litter box

When it comes to unique toys for felines, you really don’t get anything more different than the work of Tim Baker.  This artist turned cat toy builder is also a huge fan of movies, comic books and everything geeky.  Tim and his group called Superfan, builds amazing cat toys, litter boxes and starching posts that are themed around some of the coolest movies in history.  These items eventually make their way into the homes of some really diehard fans that are willing to shell out big bucks for their feline friends.

One particular item that this amazing team is working on is a Lord of The Rings litter box.  This amazingly realistic litter box is a must have for any die hard Lord of The Rings fan!  As you can see, this litter box is truly an amazing work of art that the cat in the picture seems to really love.  I am sure any feline would love the privacy that this very different looking litter box provides. This really does look better than those litter boxes you can buy at the store, doesn’t it? But I wonder how hard it would be to change out the litter?

Hobbit cat toy

It takes a lot of hard work and lots of preparation to make these items and Tim and his team work hand in hand to achieve these amazing feats. The team has also made an Eye of Sauron cat scratching post that look so much like the real thing, it is scary.  These two cat friendly items were made in celebration of the release of the final hobbit movie and is sure to please some lucky pet owner. This would really be a great addition to any serious fans collection.

So if you are cat lover that is also a huge fan of the Lord of The Rings, you might want to contact Tim and his team to see if they would build you one of these amazing works of art.  But I am sure it will probably set you back a pretty penny. So if you have the urge and you have the dough, why not have one build for your pet?

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