Lost Cat Reunites With Family After Missing from Cabin

Gray Cat

One year after they lost their beloved cat Mia on a short trip, the Tucker family received quite the surprise: their lost cat was found! The family, along with Mia’s sister Missy, was vacationing from their Hot Springs, Arkansas home to an Alabama campground while visiting for a relative’s graduation in March 2013. Upon arriving at the cabin, the feline ran through the broken screen door and didn’t end up coming back for almost a whole year.

“I put her in the room, walked out, when I started to get Missy, Mia walked out the screen door and it was pitch dark there,” said Bill Tucker.

While the plan was to only stay a short while for the graduation in Georgia, the family stayed at the grounds for a few days, searching for their missing kitty. When they returned to their home, they refused to give up the search for Mia, putting up ads in the local paper and even returned to the grounds to continue on with the search. Even though they were never able to find their cat during the visits, a kind stranger and local woman named Cheryle Nevels, who found out about Mia through newspaper ads, reached out to help.

“I spoke with her, she was just so distraught over losing her cat, and I’m a pet person, love cats and dogs and I said well you know I can help you, I’m not that far from the location,” Nevels said.

The lengthy search concluded finally after Nevels found the kitty peeping out from a cabin two doors from where the family stayed prior.

“When I saw those beautiful eyes I said this is 90 percent, I’m 90 percent sure this is the cat,” she’s said, adding, “I was so happy.”

Since then Mia’s been back to her normal self, heading towards food and playing in the bathroom sink, as she used to!


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